MS Pioneer is a sophisticated, cloud-based and enterprise-class mobile payment platform that is fully PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant and conforms to the highest regulatory standards and banking practises. MS Pioneer includes ready-made off-the-shelf applications but can be rapidly customised to meet the needs of partners (such as Mobile Network Operators, financial institutions and retailers). It is ready to deploy: core applications could be introduced into a retailer’s financial systems in a matter of weeks and the entire platform could be deployed in new territories in under 90 days – in any country in the world which has a GSM, PCN or CDMA network.

Developed over ten years with an investment of over $10m and 100 man years, MS Pioneer is a fully tested, scalable and secure system offering a stored value account with the capability to send any country’s currency via any mobile phone registered to any and every mobile network in that country. It provides guaranteed receipt of funds with a full transaction history and online account management. It also offers real-time clearance of funds, a back office and reconciliation system. Audit and fraud control systems have been built into the system from the start – not bolted on as an afterthought.

Initial core product sets available on day one include: Peer-to-Peer payments, Prepay Top Ups, Bank It (transferring funds to a personal bank account) and charitable donations. And an Android App is already available with the potential for additional apps on other platforms. Applications such as ticketing, travel and merchant integration could be implemented within 90 days (with no requirement for additional hardware or software). Depending on deployment complexity and decision-making structures, the following could all be achieved within 90 or 180 days: utility bills, government payments (e.g. local rates) and mobile remittancing. Additional products identified by partners could be co-developed as part of an agreed product roadmap.